Our Very Last TME Time

Last Friday was THE PRESENTATION NIGHT, which we all have been waiting for all throughout this semester. Our team KASM spend our very last day quite busy. In the last minute, we decided that we will use the keynote to present with our speech. Hence, as soon as we all arrived at the con, Mathew started composing a short song using the virtual instruments we’ve created and myself started creating a short trailer to grab audience’s attention as the first presenter.

Again, I used the Final Cut pro X to create the short trailer – (which will be available in the KASM Channel soon!). and I basically collated short segments of clips from our sessions, then fast forward everything – so that it gives that exciting feeling. And I think it worked out quite well! All the audiences and myself really enjoyed watching it, and it definitely grabbed everyone’s attention. It was a good start to show people our journey in 30 seconds.

After creating the trailer, I had to create the slideshow in very last minute to support our speech – yes I was very stress but it worked out very well. I used the Mac program called Keynote. For people who does not use Mac, Keynote works exactly same to the Microsoft Powerpoint. I added photos, letters and quotes to highlight important bits in our speech. Then, I faced a big problem. I can not hold my laptop while I make the speech… and we do not have the remote as well… hmmm what do we do. Then guess what, I had an APPLE WATCH which I can use to remote the Keynote! I was so surprised when I found this out haha. So we gave a go! We did a mock speech with using the Apple Watch – and it was so successful. People who want to try this, (you can do it with your iphone as well! So what you do this you click the Keynote Live on the top then it connects to the apple watch straight on!

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 9.52.19 pm.png

You will then see the play button on your apple watch where you can touch them to move to next slide. One problem was that you can’t see the slide on your watch which made it bit difficult. Also, you can not go back to the previous slide – which was not a big problem but it could cause problem in some cases I think.


The best part of this/night was when Jame Humberstone told me that I got the ‘Like’ by the APPLE! Apparently they were watching the live stream of our presentation and they heard that I was using apple watch to remote the slideshow! And they gave me a comment and a like! I was quite proud of myself to be honest.

And another best part of the night is KAMS WON! Now we get to go to Music EDnet DAILTiME conference and present our educational resources there! Thank you to everyone who supported us with kindness and love all throughout this semester. 24084998_935461446618751_679829839_o.jpg23949354_935461499952079_829839799_o.jpg

Our next plan as KASMMUSIC is to develop our material in more depth. We are planning on recording few more instruments and developing our educational sides – creating more educational materials, vlogs, polish our website etc. So please, stay in tune with us and see how we progress! And of course, if you have any suggestions, please do, it will help us a lot!

In conclusion, looking back to this semester, it was definitely a very tuff semester. But I do not regret anything! I am so glad we had this course as our degree. It really challenged myself on how far I could go and develop myself. Opportunities this course provided were just uncountable. It was wonderful to have James a our lecturer and of course, thank you so much to my team KASM and Hannah.

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