TME Final Project

If you are following me on the twitter, you probably have seen all the YouTube vlogs I have been posting.

In this course, we have a very big final project where we can negotiate any project – just have to create an educational resource for music education. My group, myself, Sophia and Mathew, has been working on creating virtual instrument of Korean Traditional Instruments.

We knew this was a great idea but, how are we going to find a Korean Traditional Instrument player… in Sydney? I was very lucky that one of my friend introduced me to this girl called Hannah Kim, who is doing postgrad at the SCM. And SHE WAS JUST SO AMAZING!

So my main role during the recording session was to take photos + videos of each session and create resources for our vlog + website.

Have a look at our recording sessions:

And as you can see in the video, I was also in charge of setting up/ moving microphone so that we can get the best sound as possible. This video is coming very soon!

Go visit my page OUR EXCITING TECH PROJECT: A TRADITIONAL KOREAN SOUND LIBRARY to see how I edited my photos:)

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