The #Maker Movement in Music Education

So the lecture from about 2 weeks ago (?) was on the #MakerMovement in Music education, and we had to explore a Littlebits Kit – Synth in a group.

This was what we were given:

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 4.47.30 pm.png

Yes, we struggled a lot haha. Sound was not coming out, something was plugged in wrong etc. Even though it was quite simple to follow the structure, it was quite hard working with something we were not familiar with.

While we were working on this kit, James told us an interesting fact about the sound waves.  Sound-Waves.jpg

Rather than the sound bouncing off from far end to another, it is actually the vibration pushes and pulls in between the air molecule (compressing and decompressing of the air molecule).

And also, did you know that your whole body and skin can actually HEAR the sound. However, ear is the most sensitive part hence, we usually hear the sound with our ears.

Anyway, back to the Little Bits Korg, there were few different particles which then we had to line them up to produce a sound. Parts were;

  • Oscillator
    • Sound moving back and forth
    • Oscillates the voltage/the electricity coming out of the battery.
    • It has two wave forms
      • Square where sound moves in square shape (90 degrees)
      • Saw where the sound moves in an arrow/sharp shape
  • Filter
    • Makes the sound more round by cutting up the higher frequency
  • Delay
    • How long the echoing will go on
  • Feedback
    • How long the sound will echo
  • Envelope
    • Attack
      • Useful when we are using the little keyboard Triggers
      • Fast Attack: Most Percussion Instruments
      • Slow Attack: String, Woodwinds
  • Release
    • Even when you stop playing, a note will keep going
  • LFO
    • Cancels the low frequency only

#MakerMovement by Mark Hatch

How would it look like in the music education in the future? So the #makermovement is all about taking stuff and remake it. Hence, if we incorporate this into the classroom, you will find lots of techy things such as legos or Littlebits.

So maybe soon, we will be able to incorporate 3D printing in music education or ‘create your own musical instrument’ with such as ipad.

I guess what my group’s final tech project is – CREATE YOUR OWN VIRTUAL INSTRUMENT via Kontakt. We are on our final stage of creating and polishing instruments. If you missed out on our vlogs, click the link below and stay in tune!



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