Review of this semester + GTD

So today was our very last lecture of 2017!! We’ve experienced and learnt so many cool stuffs during this packed semester as you’ve seen from my blog posts – I’ve still got so many other things to upload!

We started our very lecture with the discussion of exposing the technology to children in early age. James gave us an example of the literature by Craft, 2012 – which assesses labelling  all the literatures on technology and children. The author declares that all the literatures can be divided into two groups: Children at Risk – “We are ruining children’s brain” or Children Empowered – Children are exposed to so much informations.

Then the discussion lead on to one of the Ted x Talks by Christakis on the ‘Baby Einstein’ video (which is well-know for the learning video for infants and young children). Even though it is very well-know as the go-to-video for learning, his research shows that it actually shocks young children and has nothing to do with learning, more like it is not good at all. I remember, in earlier stage of our degree, we had a lecturer who opened the discussion for this video. Even her research shows that the video targeting for music learning actually has no correlation between what they are showing on the screen and the topic they are teaching. So, according to Christakis, he proposed that the reaction which child shows when they are watching the video, is actually not a ‘Yay, learning’ response, but it is a shocking.

The second half of the lecture was on about Getting Things Done – which is a big issue in our society atm. James showed us this great graph of what to do when something ‘to do’ comes in.

SO, when something comes in, first divide them into No or Yes section.

If it is NO (it is something I have to do in sometime) then ;

  • Eliminate
    • Trash
    • Recycle
  • Incubate
    • Someday/Maybe lists and folders
  • Reference
    • Paper/ digital files & folders (Evernote is great for this! If you are a handwriting person, if you take a photo of your work, Evernote even recognise the handwriting and generates it into the system so you can find it with simple key words)
    • This is great to do if you do not want to go through 1000s of emails OR get distracted by another new incoming emails.

If the thing is YES (I could do it but it would not harm me if I don’t do it) then;

  • Do it
    • If it will take less than 2 minutes
  • Delegate it
    • Then track it in “waiting for”
  • DEFER IT – This is the most important thing, and I know it’s hard to say NO (since I’m like those ones, but it can do so many worse things to you e.g. ruining your health with stresses)

SO yea, that was it for our very last lecture! I really enjoyed learning so many use of technology in music + music education. It has definitely been a great course!!

BUT! the blog posts are not end yet!! There are still more to come through + my final group project is still going on and we are pumping through it! We’ve just uploaded our first Vlog on the YouTube so go check it out! Please Subscribe and Like for a support 🙂 It would be great to have some feedbacks!



3 thoughts on “Review of this semester + GTD

  1. Miss P says:

    Hi Ashley,

    Congratulations on surviving another hectic semester! Thank you so much for sharing your reflections, journey and everything else in between. I’m sure you had a blast and had so much learning. I am more than happy to help you out in providing you with feedback about things, getting some of my students to test your project out and look forward to seeing it in person!

    Best wishes,


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