Teaching with technology – Design and Instructional Design. Aural drilling and music theory.

Publishing our own thoughts to the public is quite accessible nowadays and accessing to different people’s opinions are also very accessible comparing to previous years. Therefore, we, as teacher and student, are reviewing constantly throughout our research on the internet. Then why reviewing other’s thought is important?

  • It can change the thought about our philosophy
  • It can change the debate
  • With reviews, you can reach the real-life outcome – which is more motivated and interesting
  • It makes you reconsider your thoughts
  • It leads to the critical thinking – which means, it can make me as a more balanced person. The research shows that even though people are exposed to various debates, it is hard to shake their fundamental thoughts. If we can change at least one person’s thought on the ‘music education’, isn’t this successful? and vice versa.


Our second topic was on the Aural Drilling and Music Theory. The programme we looked at was called Auralia and Musition. They are both specialised in AMEB skills and instrument recognition. They are both targeted for students from year 5 and above. Bare in mind, these are a ‘drilling tool’ not a ‘teaching tool’. We had a great opportunity to talk with the programmer who programmed these two softwares. So, first,


  • This is mainly for the ear training
  • It develops not only students but also educators.
  • You can make a class for you students and assess them individually. You can also give students a different levels – great tool for differentiation and great tool for year 10, where the class is mixture of music 1 and 2 students.
  • Contents are – Very Comprehensive, including harmony writing. However, Counter Point is NOT included.
  • It can be worked in Mac, Window and browser – However, if you are using the browser, you cannot be the admin. Hence, the programme can be only used as a pure experience for students.



  • This is mainly for the theory training
  • Works exactly same as the Auralia – you can create your own classes, differentiate student’s learning through setting the level for each students individually, can mark the test and see the result straight away.
  • The report can be downloaded into pdf – which is very efficient way of tracking results + sending them to parents.
  • It also works in Mac, Window and browser
  • It is $29 per year as the teacher


After the talk, we had chance to explore through the software – and it is AMAZING. Our whole class could see us using this resources in the classroom. We could all see why it was a ‘drilling tool’. It was great to see that it had a various level to cater each individual and gradually progress their aural/music theory training step by step, and the teacher can easily see the individual report – Easier to spot the student’s weakness. It is a great tool for not only students, but also for the teacher who are not comfortable in aural learning themselves. They can easily improve the area they are weak in by just doing 10 minutes of exercise constantly. Definitely have a go in these two softwares!


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