Technology in performance and recording: Basic editing and mastering including video.

Today’s class was all about experiencing how to handle filming equipments and editing the products. First we started off by handling assigned filming equipments. We had to set up our equipments purely by looking at the equipment. Equipment included; an DSLR, microphone, lights and professional filming camera.


My job was to set up the big professional filming camera, which you would see in backstage of filming show programmes or film. The camera was set up on the special tripod where the top part moves smoothly so that when I/you wanted to change the angel, the whole camera moves smoothly so the frame would not shake. It is best to set the camera into full automatic focus so that you don’t have to worry about it while you are focusing on the main job. While the DSLR was filming the redundancy/fixed shot, I had to focus on zooming/panning. Hence, rather than taking the full shot of Jame’s performance, I had to use zooming button and move the angles so that I can focus on the important parts in his performance, like focusing on the hand, instrument or his facial expressions.



After having few tries on filming the performance, we headed back to our computers and spend bit time on the film editing. We went through few different programmes such as PremiereFinal cut pro and ScreenFlow. All three programmes provides service for the Mac, however, if you are a Window user, Premiere will be the only one suited to your computer.


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